Termite Control

TermitesElite Corporation is your one stop solution provider for all Termite related problems. Our Pre-construction termite treatment provides ten years warranty. It covers treatment around columns, plinth beam’s top surface and external perimeters including crawl space, pipes and ducts. This is the best and most economical treatment to eliminate and control termites.

We have two-pronged approach:

Pesto-Kill Process involves spraying appropriate chemicals and coating/injecting new furniture before they are polished and painted. Architects are increasingly advising clients to opt for such preventive measures.

Injection Process prevents subterranean termite infestation. Holes are drilled at the junction of walls and floors at intervals of 2 feet, and sealed after chemicals have been injected. An effective barrier is thus created underground against termites. These two processes in unison work wonders in restricting termite infestation, provided care is taken to check dampness and water leakage.


Annual Contract includes – 1 Injection and 2 Check-ups per year

1 BHK Flat ₹ 3,800/- per year
2 BHK Flat ₹ 5,500/- per year
3 BHK Flat ₹ 8,500/- per year
4 BHK Flat ₹ 10,000/- per year

GST @ 18% Applicable on all services.

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    Elite Corporation believes in the principal to introduce and offer World class technology. We have acquired termite detector (white-ants detector) instruments called ‘Termatrac‘. It assists us in locating termite in wood work, break or machinery without causing any damage to the structure. This system provides information of termite activity before and after termite control treatment.

    Rates & more information can be provided on request.

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