General Pest Management

Gp-01Exterminate cockroaches, bugs, ants, silverfish and other common pests with our comprehensive, sure-fire pest management remedies. Just empty out cupboards and drawers during the first operation and allow us to treat all furniture and fixtures individually. Subsequently our quarterly inspections will ensure your home and office premises are free of pests. If cockroaches are sighted during the contract period we promise you additional treatment ‘free-of-cost’.

In tune with the latest International technology we have introduced the odourless gel treatment. The treatment is not only effective but also very convenient for the household. You need not clear out storage spaces or even leave the premises. Elite Corporation is the pioneer in India for gel treatment. We were the first to administrate trial gel treatment on Rajdhani trains of Indian Railways.


Treatment against cockroaches – 1 Year Contract (3 Treatments)
Either Gel or Spray or Gel with Limited spray

1 BHK Flat ₹ 3,000/-
2 BHK Flat ₹ 4,000/-
3 BHK Flat ₹ 4,700/-
4 BHK Flat ₹ 5,500/-

GST @ 18% Applicable on all services.

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    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Whether it is health and hygiene of your home or sanitation of your business establishment, why compromise when timely preventive measures can ward off diseases and save you from property/financial disasters ?

    Entrust Elite Corporation with all your pest-related problems. Our expertise and experience will wipe out all pests… and your worries too!