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Mosquito Control

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Pest Control Service to control mosquito breeding in your surroundings

Prevention from Mosquito Borne Diseases

mosquito control

Mosquitoes are the biggest pest menace. Their ability to breed anywhere throughout the year makes it an alarming issue. However, there are ways to prevent mosquitoes from causing trouble in your daily lives. Mosquito Control Service from Elite Corporation Pest Control will take care of this task for you.

How to control mosquitoes

The root of the problem is that mosquitoes can breed rapidly and easily spread in your surroundings. Breaking mosquito’s life cycle is the key treatment. This in return prevents mosquitoes from breeding further. It eliminates or reduces the chance of getting bitten by these disease carrying pests.

Elite Corporation Pest Control has the expertise and resources to deal with the overall process. We are the selected few professional service providers for mosquito control approved by Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

Mosquito feeding on human skin

Common Mosquito borne diseases in India

  1. Dengue
  2. Chikungunya
  3. Malaria
  4. Japanese Encephalitis
  5. Yellow fever
  6. Zika
  7. Lymphatic Filariasis
  8. Kala-azar (Black fever)

Dengue alone affects 150,000 people every year in India. If not treated in time, Dengue can be life threatening.

Elite Corporation Pest Control - The experts in Mosquito Control

Adult Mosquito Control

There are two methods for this purpose. Thermal Fogging is the most common method where oil-based insecticide is used to create dense cloud of smoke. The second method is the latest known as Cold Fogging. Insecticide used in this method is an emulsion in water formulation. This is referred to as Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology which is very effective.

Larva Control

Mosquitoes go through four stages in their life cycles: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  Eggs and larvae are found largely in water bodies.  It is best to gain control on larva before they can mature into adult mosquitoes. This is achieved through spraying larvicide in infested areas. A larvicide is an insecticide that is specifically targeted against the larval life stage of an insect.


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Mosquito Control Service


    For past 3 years we are getting Mosquito Control Treatment from Elite Corporation Pest Control Services at the beginning of the monsoon season for our company premises. Their service is good and very effective. Technicians know their job very well.

    Austin Thomas
    Vikhroli, Mumbai

    Elite Corporation Pest Control Services provides reasonably priced professional Mosquito Control Service for Commercial Customers in Mumbai, Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Panvel.


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