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Cockroach Pest Control

Residential & Commercial Service

Pest Control Service to eradicate Cockroaches, Bugs, Ants and Silverfish

Keep your Home and Business free from Pests

General Pest Control

Whether it is health and hygiene of your home or sanitation of your business establishment, why compromise when timely preventive measures can ward off diseases. And also save you from property and financial disasters. Cockroach Pest Control from Elite Corporation Pest Control is a must for all residential and commercial customers.

How to get rid of Cockroaches, Bugs, Ants and Silverfish

Exterminate cockroaches, bugs, ants, silverfish and other common pests with our comprehensive, sure-fire pest management solutions. Just empty out cupboards and drawers during the first operation and allow us to treat all furniture and fixtures individually. Subsequently our quarterly inspections will ensure your home and office premises are free of pests. If cockroaches are sighted during the contract period we promise you additional treatment ‘free-of-cost’.

Gel Treatment during General Pest Control
get rid of Cockroaches, Bugs, Ants and Silverfish

Cockroach Pest Control - Gel Treatment

In tune with the latest International technology Elite Corporation Pest Control introduced the odourless gel treatment many years ago. The treatment is very effective. It is also very convenient for both household and commercial premises. You need not clear out storage spaces or even leave the premises.

Gel treatment has several benefits against the traditional spray treatment. It effectively targets both small and big cockroaches. This provides superior control on prevailing cockroach species. But in certain rare cases we may have to opt for spray treatment due to bait shyness issues of certain pests.

Elite Corporation Pest Control is the pioneer in India for gel treatment. We were the first to administrate trial gel treatment on Rajdhani trains of Indian Railways.


1 RK
Single Treatment
₹ 1,000
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 2,700
Single Treatment
₹ 1,500
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 4,500
Single Treatment
₹ 1,800
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 5,000
Single Treatment
₹ 2,400
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 7,000
Single Treatment
₹ 3,500
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 9,000
2 Large Flats (amalgamated)
up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Single Treatment
₹ 3,000
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 8,000
Large Penthouse & Bungalows
up to 5,000 sq. ft.
Single Treatment
₹ 4,000
Annual Contract (3 services)
₹ 11,500
Above costs are applicable for Normal Infestation.
GST @ 18% applicable on all services.


Cockroach Pest Control Service


    I am very satisfied with the service provided. No more cockroaches in our house since past one month. Also other small insects are gone. Good service. Thanks.

    Snigdha Kulkarni
    Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    Elite Corporation Pest Control Services provides reasonably priced professional Pest Control Services for Residential and Commercial Customers in Mumbai, Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Panvel.


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