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Bed Bugs Control

Residential Service

Pest Control Service to eradicate bed bugs from your home

Don't let Bed Bugs Feed on your Blood

Bed bug

Bed bugs are the most hard to find and troublesome household pests due to their tiny size. They feast on human blood and thus multiply in thousands within no time if not controlled and eradicated. Bed Bugs Control service from Elite Corporation Pest Control is backed up by years of experience with assurance to resolve your Bed Bugs issue.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed Bugs will make way to your home attached to old clothing, old furniture, storage boxes, luggage and more. They are attracted to human bodies for the warmth. You will find them mostly in your bedrooms, but it is not easy to identify their infestation for untrained eyes. Bed Bugs feast on human blood and multiply quickly. Most common places for Bed Bugs are bed frames, mattresses and headboard. It is not easy to control or eliminate bed bugs with home remedies or DIY solutions. The only effective way to get rid of bed bugs is professional pest control treatment.

Bed Bugs feeding on human skin - Image Courtesy NPMA (

Effective assessment and treatment from Elite Corporation Pest Control


We will carry out our first inspection to locate areas of bed bugs infestation in your home.

  • Musty Sweetish Odour
  • Blood spots on mattress, pillow, bed sheets, etc.
  • Excreted blood spots
  • Adults, nymph or eggs

are indications helpful in our assessment. Another common indications are the bed bugs bites on customers.


Depending on the complexity of  the infestation we will carry out Bed Bugs spray treatment. We use only approved insecticides for the treatment.

This process requires cooperation from the customer. The premises will remain closed for 2 hours after completion of the treatment. After that it is strongly advised to open all windows for good aeration. Children below 7 years, Senior Citizen, people with asthma or allergies and pets should enter the premises only after 3 hours of aeration.

Duration of the contract is 2 months. Depending on the scale of Bed Bugs infestation we will provide 3-4 treatments. Our Bed Bugs Control treatment is very effective in wiping out the existing Bed Bugs problem from your premises.

After completion of the contract period, customers are advised to take all precautions to avoid any scenario which may lead to new infestation of bed bugs.


Bed Bugs Treatment Normal Infestation – 45 days contract (2 Treatments)

1 BHK Flat

₹ 6,400

2 BHK Flat

₹ 8,000

3 BHK Flat

₹ 10,000

4 BHK Flat

₹ 14,000

GST @ 18% applicable on all services.


Bed Bugs Control Service


    Our house was badly infected with bed bugs. It happened after a recent trip to Varanasi when we traveled by train. Elite Corporation Pest Control solved our issue. in 2 treatments only we saw result.

    Akhilesh Mishra
    Bhayander, Mumbai

    Elite Corporation Pest Control Services provides reasonably priced professional Bed Bugs Control Service for Residential Customers in Mumbai, Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Panvel.


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