Interaction with Patrick Legey of AEPMA

Patrick Legey and Jaldhi Trivedi

Mr. Patrick Legey,
Leading dignitary of Australian Environment Pest managers Association and also Technical Director of Austra Pest, one of the Senior Most Company in Australia.
Mr. Jaldhi Trivedi,
CEO, Elite Corporation

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Patrick and his team for the warm welcome and sharing of knowledge. We had a healthy interaction about the rules and regulations, membership requirements and protocol to be followed by AEPMA members this was an eye opener to me with regards to the technical advances in Australia, legislation and their concern for the safety of the environment, the customer and the PCO. I have pleasure to share with you a few photographs that will give you an idea of what to expect in the future for pest managers in India.

van design for pesticides 1st compartment
Above image shows the service vehicle, as per legislation there is a separate compartment to store pesticides and another unit for the pumps and other equipments. The van usually carries MSDS sheets, first aid box and container of water for dilution of insecticide and cleaning up for the technicians.


2nd compartment of van for equipment
Above image shows the termite bait station, which is currently the safest and environment friendly way to eliminate termites.


Termite Bail station 2nd photos
Above image was taken at a termite treatment site in Sydney. Photo shows the termite bait stations in use, it has a unique termite interception zone which attracts termites into the bait station and protects the bungalow.


mr. Connor aplying Termite bait
Above image shows Mr. Connor Brazil applying bait into bait station near the wooden fence. Using the baiting system assures us protection against invading termites. It is less toxic than salt and is safe for humans, pets and the environment.

We must now urge our pesticide manufacturers to register such insecticides in India to protect the environment for the next generation.