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Disinfection Service

Commercial Service

Disinfection Service to safeguard your business premises from microbes

Protection against harmful disease causing bacteria and viruses


Your well decorated, well maintained office interior may look great and clean but the same cannot be said about the air which contains invisible harmful microorganisms. Disinfection Service from Elite Corporation Pest Control will protect against such microbes.

Getting rid of microorganisms

One can easily get infected by such microbes commonly by touching surfaces, contaminated packaging of drinks & eatables and breathing in droplets from infected people. These viruses and bacteria are harmful to humans and some are life threatening too. 

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is the one such recent example of how critical these microorganisms can get.

Antimicrobial Disinfection Treatment

Our Antimicrobial Disinfection treatment is highly effective against such disease causing microbes.

We use Advanced ULV sprayers for effective deployment. The Virucide used is capable of deactivating or destroying viruses. This disinfectant is recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Efficacy of Antimicrobial products highly depends on length of time for which treated surfaces remain wet. Therefore the customers are advised to stay away from the premises for 2 hours after the disinfection treatment is completed.

Preventive measures

We also advise routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces like desks, electric switches, door handles, elevator switch panels and all other electrical and electronic devices and equipment to minimize the risk.

Advanced ULV sprayer being used in disinfection process by Elite Pest Control, Mumbai
Disinfection service office exterior
Disinfecting office interior
Disinfection service in storage area

Our technicians are ready to serve various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Corporate houses, Banks, Commercial Buildings, Government and Semi Government Establishments.

This service is also extended to vehicles (cars and buses).


₹ 4,000


GST @ 18% applicable on all services.


Disinfection service


    Thank you for the termite pest control treatment. You have done a very good job. It was shocking to discover how much damage these termites have caused to my house furniture. After three weeks now I can confidently say there are no termites in my house.

    Rajkumar Shukla
    Kalbadevi, Mumbai

    Elite Corporation Pest Control Services provides reasonably priced professional Disinfection Service for Commercial Customers in Mumbai, Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Panvel.


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