Menace and cure

It is important to control pests before it causes damage to one’s health. Act now, before it is too late, warns Jaldhi R Trivedi, Vice president of Indian Pest Control Association.

DURING THE monsoon season, due to water accumulation at various places, especially at construction sites, mosquitoes breed as they offer ideal conditions. It is common knowledge that on account of this, many diseases are transmitted. Controlling the diseases may be difficult, though not impossible, if these pests are controlled by professional Pest Management personnel. Most municipal corporations are aware of the important nature of their work.

Mosquitoes, besides being a nuisance to mankind, play a major role in the transmission of deadly diseases, including malaria, filariasis, dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF), Japanese encephalitis (JE), etc., thus causing high morbidity and mortality.

Adult male mosquitoes feed on nectar from plants, while female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood of humans and/or animals. Because female mosquitoes feed regularly on blood, disease causing pathogens can be transmitted from man to man(e.g. malaria parasites) or, in some cases, from animal to man (e.g. arboviruses) via vector mosquitoes.

Life cycle of mosquitoes involves four stages (egg, larva, pupa and adult) and the first three stages are completed in 8-10 days under optimum conditions. The immature stages (eggs, larvae and pupa) are always closely associated with water. Since mosquitoes undergo a complete metamorphosis during their life cycle, there are two completely separate environments in which the pest problem can be controlled, mainly:

a) Tracing and larviciding the breeding sites of mosquitoes, and
b) Residual spraying of the adult resting places with insecticides.

“As per Mumbai Municipal Corporation requirement, the pest management personnel must carry out minimum four larvicide treatment in a month i.e., one larvicide treatment per week. Fogging treatment should be done once or twice in a month. Depending upon site progress, to get rid of mosquitoes.”