About us

India’s leading Pest Management Operator

As one of India’s leading Pest Management Operator, we have the privilege of serving the most distinguished clients both within the country and foreign consulates. In India we provide our services mainly in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. Railways, Petroleum Industry, Jute, Paper and Cloth mills, Processing plants and Manufacturing units, as well as top-notch hotels have all availed of our services.

World Class Standards
Since 1962 Elite Corporation has consistently worked towards a safer, healthier and pest-free environment.

We are an Accredited Fumigation Agency as per NSPM 12 standards of the Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. We also provide ISPM 15 Fumigation treatment for wood packaging material for shipping purposes.

We have also been declared an Accredited Fumigation agency by Australia  under AFAS.

With increasing emphasis on disinfestation, USA, Australia and several other countries in Europe have made Fumigation Treatment Certificates mandatory. We provide Fumigation for Export Commodities, wooden boxes and pallets as per ISPM standards.

Highly qualified and committed, our technical experts have been trained and certified by Government institutes such as:


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Mr. Nimish R. Trivedi
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